Real Live Example

To see how it works in action, plese visit the following URL:

Only pure Javascript - Vanilla

Devselz LogSign has been developed from zero without using any external library, DZ LogSign uses pure Javascript and nothing more.

DZ LogSign can be used with (default) DZ Data Cloud where on your data is stored on Devselz cloud, or you can use your own database server (provided if you have one).

This way we ensured DZ LogSign is wide compatible, lightweight and performance without depending from 3rd parties

Multi Language Unit Interface

Devselz LogSign automatically detects user language and sets the UI according.
User can set their prefered language.
Currently we support 8 different languages, in alphabetical order: catalan, deutsch, english, español, euskera, french, gallego and italian

CSS Customizable

You can create your own theme by simply creating a file called "dzLogSign.css" and place it on the root of your web. The file must have all the styles found in

Phone SMS Sign

Visitors can Sign up and/or login to your website, in addition to using or not their social accounts or their email, using only their telephone number.

This way you can captive a lot of users that prefer to not sign using their emails to avoid spam or other reasons.

Leading companies now allows visitors to sign using their phone, like we did with DZ LogSign. This way, LogSign sends a verification code to user phone's, via SMS so that they can confirm and Sign easy to your website.
To use this feature you must add at least 10€ of Balance for your website. By doing this automatically LogSign will allow users to Sign via Phone  Check Licensing for SMS pricing

EU compliant

Your DZ LogSign users can delete their accounts, it is a mandatory rule you must follow according to EU regulations. We put it easy on DZ. You can set to allow users to be able themselves to delete their accounts, or with your manually intervention (by sending you a message).

Anywhere in your website, you can give visitors / users the ability to acess their User Panel (provided by DZ), by using the Javascript function: dzShowUserProfile(true); or dzShowUserProfile(false); , the parameter inside the function is to tell DZ to allow users to delete their accounts themselves or not.

Data stored on the cloud or on your server

If you want to store the users data on your own server, simply go to the dashboard, click the last icon Script, and enter the ConnectionString in the format &cns='Server=YOURSERVER\SQLSERVER2019;User Id=sa; password=N;'&domain=YOURDOMAIN.COM&database='YOURDATABASENAmE'&table='USERSTABLENAME' in the text box for.

Currently only external Microsoft SQL Server Databases are supported, 2008 R2 and above. Be aware to allow remote conections on SQL and check firewall for inbound connections.

Get the Script

Once in the dashboard, there you can do many things to configure your DZ LogSign solution. There's an Script icon (last one) that gives you the script you need to paste in your HEAD section of your code

Identity Validation

Users can submit their Digital Certificate (to personal name or business) in order to certify they are who they say they are.
Our system currently supports *.P12 format with password.

For example, Spanish users can provide their Digital Certificate issued by la Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre

Social keys

In order to use the social Sign buttons such as the ones from Apple, Facebook, Google or GitHub, those social Sign APIs (that DZ LogSign uses internally) need to be serialized with some kind of an API_KEY, that they implement, among others, to know where the traffic comes from.
Without the social API keys, the social buttons cannot work.

You can go to each social site, using the links provided in the KEYS section of the DASHBOARD, and start getting the info requested

How to get Facebook Sign Social Key

How to get Google Sign Social Keys

How to get Google Captcha Key

Apple Sign Key

Git Hub Oauth keys

Done, you'll be ready to use all social buttons instantly

DKIM, Email delivery

That's a very important thing you need to setup on your DNS Zone, in order for your users receive automated email from DZ LogSign under your name and email, say for when they are requested with a verification code to complete their signup, or for other notifications, DZ LogSign will send an email like if you were sending that email.
DZ LogSign uses DKIM as Email Authentication commonly well know and accepted.
In order for the email arrive and dont go to spam and simply does not arrive to your potential users to be able to Sign on your web, you must set up a TXT record in your DNS zone on your domain register.
Go to DashBoard / Panel, select a domain and click on the Icon DKIM, there you'll find a TXT name and a VALUE, paste these strings on to your provider, you can check whether the TXT record was added successfully or not to be sre emails will arrive so that users will be able to Sign in