Unlimited (Free) License

We provide an Unlimited (free) license to all users, no questions.
Unlimited free licenses adds a watermark phrase "sent with Devselz" on all emails you sent.

Unlimited Pro

Unlimited data. No limit on how many emails you send, no limit on how many email adresses you upload / use / store.
No watermark.
Price 99€ + VAT (119.79€) / month. Setup fee: 99€ + VAT (119.79€)

How to apply: Sign up, enter on dashnboard, click on Add Domain, and choose: Unlimited on license. Choose if to pay monthly or anually (saving 239.58€), fill your card details and click pay & Add.

How to Upgrade: If you already added a domain, you can change the license, upgrading / downgrading, by clicking on the Key icon Check or Set Mandatory Social Keys and then click on Pay & Add.

How to downgrade: Do the same as upgrade, but then contact us in order for us to cancel any future monthly payments.

Pay As They Open License

Devselz, having the greatest open / clicks ratio, is the only one capable of offering companies to pay as for emails opened.
This means you will pay only when a user opens an email, no matter how many times a same email is opened, you will be only deducted a credit of 0.01€ / email opened (no matter how many times opened) Setup fee: 499€ + VAT (675.18€). A monthly minimum credit of 500€ will be charged to your visa.

How to apply: Sign up, enter on dashnboard, click on Add Domain, and choose: Pas As They Open. Choose if to pay monthly or anually (saving 1.210€), fill your card details and click pay & Add.

How to Upgrade: If you already added a domain, you can change the license, upgrading / downgrading, by clicking on the Key icon Check or Set Mandatory Social Keys and then click on Pay & Add.

How to downgrade: Do the same as upgrade, but then contact us in order for us to cancel any future monthly payments.

How can it be done

Providing you a service + software services.

As to compete with a larger number of bulk mass mailing email companies, we must offer something totally distinguishable

Unlimited, really


Free limitations

Free account share SMTP servers between the accounts, this means that at some point in time, speed might not be as desirable. But you can bypass this limit by using Devselz EST on your own computers, check here the help for EST for more info.
All emails sent will include the phrase: sent using devselz

Get started and sending emails in a few minutes

Go to https://devselz.com and click on DASH at the top right , or on any Get Started button.

You can login using your Facebook or your Google account, you can also login with your on email.
Using any social account you don't need to Sign Up (Devselz will do for you), using your own email you must verify with an easy step. We allow all kind of emails (we do not limit to only company emails, you can use yahoo, gmail or any kind of domains), but you will need to have a Domain and verify the domain by setting up a record in the domain DNS zone (ask your admin or hosting provider for more info, more info in this help).

Adding domain / license

Within your dashboard, click on Add Domain
Enter the name of the domain you own or the one you're an administrator, choose your license (enter your bank card details if a paid license) and click add / or pay & add

Usually, you'll get a screen like this, which ask for you to add a TXT record on your domain register, DNS Zone, this is mandatory in order to verify that you manage the domain.

Say you SignedUp to Devselz with your email: a.b.martin@yourdomain.com
Go to your domain (hosting / register) administration / DNZ Zone (not DNS servers, just DNS zone), click add new record, type of record: TXT name: devselz.verification.yourdomain.com value: a.b.martin
Save changes on your domain register, wait for about 10 / 15 minutes (this may take up to 24 hours, usally less than 1 hour), and then click again the add / or pay & add button, now you'll get your domain registrered within Devselz, for the license you chose.

If you get stuck on the above screenshot, go to say https://mxtoolbox.com/TXTLookup.aspx type: devselz.verification.yourdomain.com and check whether the DNS record has been published or not, if not, contact your domain register

If all is done you'll see

Now the Add Domain windows shows a UPDATE button, you can use it later if you want tor use Devselz LogSign social form to allow your visitors to SignUp. Close it for now.

Setup domain

Once a domain / license has been added, you'll need to first setup before importing contacts or creating a campaign.

At least you must create another DNS record (DKIM) and, depending if you SignedUp to devselz using either an email from this domain or not, then you might need to add emails from this domain (verification is not needed for emails).

ADDING DKIM TXT Record to youor domain DNS zone
Like when you did for your domain verification, go to your domain register, dns zone of your domain, ADD TXT record.

Click on Dashbord icons > DKIM (an email with a sign up hand) and from there you'll see the corresponding name an value strings you must enter onto your domain TXT record.

ADDING email address from your domain
You must add at least 1 email addres from your domain
Click on Dashbord icons > Contact Emails (2 mails) and there enter, separated by commas your desired emails, as much as you can in order to maximize delivery performance. Ej: EMAILS: email1@yourdomain.com , email2@yourdomain.com TITLE: Email1, Email2

Importing Contacts (Email Addresses)

You must have at least one domain / license added in order to import contacts (email addresses)

Into your dashboard > Users > click Import
Enter a group name and click upload file.
You can add many properties for contacts having a name, location etc.. if formatted as one contact per line and a comma for each property separator

You can move users between domains.

NOTE: Importing contacts might be a bit slower than expected, but that's mainly beacuse devselz check for each email addres, to see if exist really or not, not just a format string verification, but also a server to server verification.

Delete Contacts (by group name)

Select a group name (right select box) on users area and click DELETE (icon pointing back with an X) to delete all users on that group. Group name will also be deleted. This action is unrecoverable.
You must select a group name, it is not possible to delete the "all contacts group"

Create Campaign

Click on Create campaign, a new window will pop-up, if not, please check your browser to allow pop ups from devselz.com

Enter a title
Choose the email from (if more than one, then random will be selected for each email sent)
Select the group destination, which you can filter by language, city and postal code
Choose a theme or use your own code or type your own words

Check wether to use your servers to send the emails (by installing Devselz EST on those ones) or not.
NOTE: If you have EST instaloled on your servers and you did not choose EST option, your servers will also contribute to send your emails (never other ones), as well as the rest of devselz servers, but if you set to checked, then only your servers with EST will be able to send your emails.

Choose default language: if any users does not have set their languae, then this default language will be used. If user was Signed Up using Devselz LogSign form then this automatically fills the language of user.
Default language will be used on unsubcribe link.

Tune Campaign - AntiSpam

In order to maximize the ratio of your emails delivery, to get as most as open as possible check the following specs.
Please note that there are some destination email addreses (mainly from companies) that from wich no one can know if email was opened or not (cause they block images) in this case take care that will apply for the opened ratio, so almost sure no one ratio opened will be at 100% or close, depending on your kind of destination emails.
If using license Pay as They Open, emails not opened, all not opened or the ones we cannot know if opened or not, will not be charged / credited.

Maximize ratio of emails opened

TITLE: Use as many titles as possible, separated by "|" char. Random one will be selected for each email sent, this help by pass anti-spam filters on numerous servers.

ex: Check our new greatest 20" monitor, a good product|Check our new monitor, a 20" great product|A new 20" monitor is coming from ius, check out that great product|..

Say if you want to send an emali campaign to 1000 users, if you create 10 titles / subjects, is like hacing aprox 100 different emails sent, well helped by the use of $$cite$$ or other variable in the body

EMAIL FROM: Select as more as possible, like above example, if you have 100 users, and use 10 title/subjects, with 10 emails from and using variables is like having 10 diferent emails so most of them will pass anti-spam filters.

Tune Campaign - Filter By Language, City, Zip

If you have thousand of contacts with properties such as city, language or zip, you can create campaigns based on.
Use the select boxes (below groups and above message body),

Tune Campaign - Body

Here is the most interesting part, with tips and tricks:
Use as less text as possible, better images , better to put the text onto the images, why ? Cause as much text similar between all emails sent, much probabilities to be considered as spam by email providers.

Considering using (respecting upper/lopwercase):


For subject/title:
$$EmailAddressId$$ = a integer number, each email address have a unique integer number
$$DateTime$$ = current date with time
$$Time$$ = current time
$$TimeUnits$$ = current time in unit (a large integer number
$$TimeUnitsShort$$ = current time in unit (a shorter integer number

For body (Variables & Cite):
Same as above, plus:
$$CITE$$ = Inserts a phrase from some celebrity, along with author name. Automatically translated to user language or default language set to campaign
$$UNSUBSCRIBE$$ · mandatory · = Inserts a link for the user to be able to unsubscrie from your list. Automatically translated to user language or default language set to campaign

Random widths: $$RND|x|y$$
Insert a random number bewteen the 2 parameters sepecified

.ex: $$RND|10|90$$ will print a number between 10 and 90
Used on html elements, tip, in order to better visualize the image or size of any element using RND, first use a real number, then apply the random, ex:

<img style='width:70px;width:$$RND|50|70|px' />

Random urls for a same image
We will be offering this feature soon to Pro and Pay As they Open accounts

It will allow to use random string url to load a same image, so this way email providers will think that all of the emails you sent contains different images, so that the same email used is or might not be the same

<img src='https://devselz.com/u/177939/img1/82876/' />
above image will be the same as below <img src='https://devselz.com/u/177939/img1/762/' />

Tune Campaign - EST

Selecting the option will allow your servers (if used) to send your emails.

Devselz EST

This is a compact SMTP email server you can install on any Windows computer, better on a server with windows server, but any windows works, provided an static IP.

The first time you install the tool it will send some emalis to test to some servers to see the reputation of the IP of your computer, if valid will be used / installed as a service.

This tool is capable of sending up to 36.000 emails per day per computer.
After installing you only need to specify the email you use to login to Devselz, then it will remain hiden as a service, which will be sending all your emails from your campains where you checked to use your EST computers.

AntiSpam Hotmail

Microsoft email servers, usually requires, in addition to all our mechanism, to use dedicated servers with whitelisted IP's
They are very restrictive, and most people do not reccomend having a Hotmail or Outlook account, but, as we have no restrictions on deliveries, we must at least show what Ms. servers said
Office 365 whitelisting: https://sender.office.com/

so basically try to use non shared non VPS server, just dedicated then signup here below (you must have dedicated servers with reverse DNS pointing to your domain as they will send you a verification code to abuse or postmaster acciunt there on your reverse DS domain)
: https://sendersupport.olc.protection.outlook.com/snds/JMRP.aspx?wa=wsignin1.0

Extract from some forum:

Their Mail server is blocking legit mails and you have to take care of this. Strange world. They want you to:
1) Look at this: https://sendersupport.olc.protection.outlook.com/pm/troubleshooting.aspx
2) Use this: https://sendersupport.olc.protection.outlook.com/pm/
3) Post your IP here: https://sendersupport.olc.protection.outlook.com/snds/JMRP.aspx?wa=wsignin1.0
4) Sign in here: https://sender.office.com/
5) If that does not work, contact them (as you did)
6) You will get an automated email (~6h later) with: "As previously stated, your IP(...) do not qualify for mitigation at this time."
7) Respond to their mail, saying that you already did what they suggest and their spam policy is crap.
8) Either you are directly de-listed, or you need a second round via mail (usually, it is an automated mail, you can just reply the same as the first time, until a human answers)
9) you will receive de-listing: "We have implemented mitigation for your IP: (****************) and this process may take 24 - 48 hours to replicate completely throughout our system."

Sometimes you will receive something like "As stated previously, I do not see anything offhand that would be preventing your mail from reaching our customers for the following IP (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)." because they have different (but all crappy) systems for live/hotmail and MSN/outlook.com ...
Just keep answering their mails until you get a human. Takes usually 3 days...

Delete Campaign

To delete any campaign just click on the delete button next to the campaign on campaign list on dashboard

Send Campaign

Just click on the play button next to the campaign on campaign list on dashboard

Campaign Statistics

Just click on the right of the campaing list, on the campaign row. under the column Open/click

Account Upgrade

You can upgrade your domain license at any time
Click on the top icons / update domain. Choose your new license. Enter your card / payment data

Account Downgrade

You can downgrade your domain license at any time. Once done, contact us in order to stop paying monthly quotas on the next billing cycles. Click on the top icons / update domain. Choose your new license.

Purchasing additional Servers / IPs on Pro license

All Unlimited Pro license has come with 3 private virtual servers with 3 IPs for your domain. Allowing up to about 100K emails to be able to be sent/day.

If you need more servers Send us a message via our CHAT or contact us in order to buy additional servers. Price per windows VPS computer with IP with all software installed and setup: 29.95€ / month plus 21% of VAT. For dedicated (non VPS) servers contact us.

Close License

You must contact us, send us a message or open a ticket via your dashboard

Account Support

Chat with us from 10 to 19hr spanish time gmt +2 or send us a message or open a ticket via your dashboard